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RDF in the clouds: a survey Scaling forecasting algorithms using clustered modeling
Continuous nearest-neighbor queries with location uncertainty Conformity-aware influence maximization in online social networks
Calibrating trajectory data for spatio-temporal similarity analysis A unified framework for approximate dictionary-based entity extraction
Compressive mining: fast and optimal data mining in the compressed domain
Toward personalized, context-aware routing I/O efficient: computing SCCs in massive graphs
Graph similarity search on large uncertain graph databases Solving the data sparsity problem in destination prediction
A time-series compression technique and its application to the smart grid Clustering and aggregating clues of trajectories for mining trajectory patterns and routes
Sketching distributed sliding-window data streams Efficient distributed subgraph similarity matching
Top-K structural diversity search in large networks Efficient k-closest pair queries in general metric spaces
Reasoning with patterns to effectively answer XML keyword queries Conditional heavy hitters: detecting interesting correlations in data streams
Profiling relational data: a survey Provenance-based analysis of data-centric processes
Finding top-k relevant groups of spatial web objects Task assignment optimization in knowledge-intensive crowdsourcing
A general framework to resolve the MisMatch problem in XML keyword search Embedding-based subsequence matching with gaps–range–tolerances: a Query-By-Humming application
Special issue on best papers of VLDB 2013 ClouDiA: a deployment advisor for public clouds
Active learning in keyword search-based data integration VLL: a lock manager redesign for main memory database systems
Scheduled approximation for Personalized PageRank with Utility-based Hub Selection
S3-TM: scalable streaming short text matching Geo-Social Ranking: functions and query processing
Data generation for testing and grading SQL queries Fast rule mining in ontological knowledge bases with AMIE+
AP-Tree: efficiently support location-aware Publish/Subscribe The matrix mechanism: optimizing linear counting queries under differential privacy
Querying streams using regular expressions: some semantics, decidability, and efficiency issues
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