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On k-Path Covers and their applications Special issue on best papers of VLDB 2014
Effective deep learning-based multi-modal retrieval An experimental evaluation and analysis of database cracking
epiC: an extensible and scalable system for processing Big Data VDDA: automatic visualization-driven data aggregation in relational databases
Diversified top-k clique search Efficient order dependency detection
RailwayDB: adaptive storage of interaction graphs Processing SPARQL queries over distributed RDF graphs
NScale: neighborhood-centric large-scale graph analytics in the cloud Toward continuous pattern detection over evolving large graph with snapshot isolation
Avoiding class warfare: managing continuous queries with differentiated classes of service
Bitwise dimensional co-clustering for analytical workloads Exact and approximate flexible aggregate similarity search
Hybrid query optimization for hard-to-compress bit-vectors Incremental k-core decomposition: algorithms and evaluation
Decorating the cloud: enabling annotation management in MapReduce Accelerating SPARQL queries by exploiting hash-based locality and adaptive partitioning
Mapping-equivalence and oid-equivalence of single-function object-creating conjunctive queries
Possible and certain keys for SQL Mining billion-scale tensors: algorithms and discoveries
A holistic and principled approach for the empty-answer problem Elite: an elastic infrastructure for big spatiotemporal trajectories
Know your customer: computing k-most promising products for targeted marketing Quantiles over data streams: experimental comparisons, new analyses, and further improvements
External sorting on flash storage: reducing cell wearing and increasing efficiency by avoiding intermediate writes
Special Issue: Modern Hardware Exploiting SSDs in operational multiversion databases
GPU-accelerated string matching for database applications Read/write-optimized tree indexing for solid-state drives
Characterization of the Impact of Hardware Islands on OLTP Flash as cache extension for online transactional workloads
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