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VLDB 2001 Exhibition

VLDB 2001 offers companies the opportunity to exhibit their systems and products.

The exhibition is based around a standard exhibit space of 9 square metres. Such a space, equipped with

  • table (approx 0.8 x 1.6 meters) and two chairs
  • background panels
  • power supply (220V, 50 Hz, European sockets)
is offered for a flat fee of 2500US$
Larger spaces may be possible with costs subject to individual negotiation.
Costs are based on an exhibit being set up on Monday 10th September and broken down on Friday 14th September.

Please note that exhibition space is included in sponsorship packages. (see the sponsorhip information).

Additional, furniture, telecommunications, catering and flowers can also be arranged; such arrangements can be made direct once an exhibit has been booked.

Should you require further information, or wish to book an Exhibition Stand, please contact the general chair,  Paolo Atzeni or the sponsorship correspondent,  Michele Missikoff; for technical issues, contact the technical support coordinator Diego Calvanese .

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