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Formatting your VLDB paper

Morgan Kaufmann's formatting instructions for the VLDB Proceedings may be found in the file format.txt. These guidelines must be adhered to by the final version of your accepted paper. These guidelines apply to all the categories appearing in the Proceedings. Page limits are: 10 pages for regular papers, 4 pages for panel introductions and papers in the Application and Industrial tracks, 2 pages for demonstration descriptions.

In order to help you format your submissions, we have provided three additional files, vldb.sty, vldb.cls, and vldb_format.doc.

  • vldb.sty is a LATEX style file, defining environments which conform to Morgan Kaufmann's guidelines. It should work with both LATEX version 2.09 and LATEX2e.
    vldb.sty should be made to work by including it through a \documentstyle directive like this:
    This style file will insert the required copyright notice automatically.

  • vldb.cls is the adaptation of the vldb.sty file to the LATEX2e class format.
    vldb.cls should be made to work by including it through a direct \documentclass directive, like this:

  • vldb_format.doc is a Word version of Morgan Kaufmann's guidelines, appropriately formatted.

  • vldb_format.tex is a LATEX2 version of vldb_format.doc (it uses the vldb.cls class file).

You may, as you wish, use these style files in their entirety, or copy out individual definitions or styles into your own document. However, even if you use one of these files, the responsibility remains with yourself to ensure that the final version of your paper meets the guidelines as described in format.txt.

The copyright notice to be included in your paper is in the file copyright_notice.txt.
The transfer of copyright form may be found in the file copyright_form.txt. You should return a signed hard copy with the final version of your paper.

For ease of downloading, copies of all of these files are included in the archive all_files.zip.

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