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24. COMPCON 1982: San Francisco, California, USA

COMPCON'82, Digest of Papers, Twenty-Fourth IEEE Computer Society International Conference, San Francisco, California, USA, February 22-25, 1982. IEEE Computer Society 1982 CiteSeerX Google scholar pubzone.org BibTeX bibliographical record in XML

New VLSI Computers

Network File Servers and Data Bases I

Computers in Art and Entertainment

Publication-Quality Computer Output

Novel VLSI Architectures

Network File Servers and Data Bases II

Heroes and Unique Aspects of Computer Games


Teaching VLSI Design

Competing Local Network Technologies I

Encryption and other Security Issues

Impact of Personal Computers on Education

Silicon Implementation Systems, Brokers, and Foundries

Competing Local Network Technologies II

The Mythical Man-Month Revisited

Speech I/O

Data Flow and other Advanced Architectures

Ethernet or Ethernot: Pros and Cons of Competing Local Network Technologies

Whatever Happened to Software Engineering?

Computational Aspects of High-Quality Computer-Generated Imagery

The 80's - New Systems for Computer-Aided Design

Update on Emerging Network and Protocol Standards

Simulation of Computer Networks

Mass Storage Technology Update

Interactive Graphics-Oriented VLSI CAD Tools

Voice/Data Networks

The UNIX Wave

The Second Wave of Personal Computers

Silicon Compilers

New Uses and Issues for CATV Technology

Office Systems I

Creative Entrepreneurism

Pictures Vs. Parentheses: VLSI Design Methodologies for the 80's

Network Interconnection

Office Systems II

Protection of Intellectual Property

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