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ICC 1984: Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Volume 2

IEEE International Conference on Communications, ICC '84, Links for the Future: Science, Systems & Services for Communications, May 14-17, 1984, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Proceedings, Volume 2. Elsevier

Distributed Computer Processing Systems

Progress Towards ISDN - Selection from the 1983 Monterey Seminar

Mobile and Special Satellite Systems

Wideband Communication Services and Techniques

Digital Radio: The Current State of High Level Modulation

Mixed Analog and Digital Networks

Image Coding and Processing

Data Management in Distributed Real Time Telecommunication Applications

Single Mode Fiber Trunk Systems

Advanced Communication Satellites

A. Advances in Data Communications

B. Integrated Voice/Data Networking

Wideband Networks I

Modulation and Coding

Radio Subscriber Systems

High Capacity Radio Transmission Systems and Adaptive Equalization Techniques

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