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18. ICDCS 1998: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Proceedings of the 18th International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems, 26 - 29 May, 1998, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. IEEE Computer Society, 1998

Distributed Object Systems

Real-Time Communications

Retrieval and Caching of Distributed Information

Distributed Algorithms and Verification

Communication Protocols

Distributed Data Replication and Sharing

Collaborative Applications I

Performance Issues

RPCs and Remote Message Passing

Consistency and Load Balancing for Web Applications

Web-Based Commerce

Real-Time Synchronization and Protocols

Collaborative Applications II

Security, Composability, and Failure Detection

Keynote Address

Robert Wilensky: The UC Berkeley Digital Library Project.

Fault Tolerant Systems

Mobile and Wireless Systems

Wide-Area Network Computing

Workflow Systems and Transactions

Distributed Shared Memory

Agent Systems and Market-Based Computing

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