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6. ICMCS 1999: Florence, Italy (Volume 1)

IEEE International Conference on Multimedia Computing and Systems, ICMCS 1999, 7-11 June, 1999, Florence, Italy, Proceedings, Volume I. IEEE Computer Society, 1999

Security and Watermarking

Pattern Recognition and Computer Vision in Multimedia

Storage Architectures and Trends for Multimedia

Multimedia Software Engineering

Usable Multimedia Applications

Multimedia Standards

Quality of Service - Control/Scheduling

Color/Texture-Based Retrieval of Single Images

Virtual/Augmented Reality

Video Servers


Web-Search of Single Images

Computer Graphics and Animation

Network Management

Multimedia on the Internet

Software Engineering Tools/Hardware Middleware



Video Browsing/Access

Multimodal Interfaces

Authoring Tools for Video/Images

Audio/Music Content Based Retrieval

Multimedia Support for Medical Applications

Quality of Service - Control/Scheduling

Color and Spatial Relationship-Based Retrieval of Single Images

Visual Interaction

Electronic Commerce/Watermarking

Multimedia for Education

Object-Based Retrieval of Single Images

Multimodal Interfaces

Distributed Environments

Video Content Analysis/Indexing

Pattern Recognition/Computer Vision for Multimedia


Video Segmentation

Poster Session I

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