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International Conference On Databases (ICOD)

2. ICOD 1983: Churchill College, Cambridge

S. Misbah Deen, Peter Hammersley (Eds.): ICOD-2, Proceedings of the Second International Conference On Databases, Churchill College, Cambridge, August 30 - September 3, 1983. Wiley Heyden Ltd. 1983, ISBN 0-471-90309-4

Georges Gardarin, Erol Gelenbe: New Applications of Data Bases, Papers from the Workshop on New Applications of Data Bases held at the ICOD-2 Meeting. Academic Press, 1984, ISBN 0-12-275550-2

1. ICOD 1980: Aberdeen, Scotland

S. Misbah Deen, P. Hammersley: Proceedings International Conference on Data Bases, University of Aberdeen, July 1980. Heyden & Son, 1980, ISBN 0-85501-495-4

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