ACM SIGMOD Conference / PODS 2001: Awards

Here is a list of this year's winners of SIGMOD and PODS Awards. Congratulations to all of them for these significant achievements.
  1. The 2001 SIGMOD Innovations Award goes to Prof. Rudolf Bayer of the Technical University of Munich, for his invention of the B-Tree (with Edward M. McCreight), of B-Tree prefix compression, and of lock coupling (a.k.a. crabbing) for concurrent access to B-Trees (with Mario Schkolnick). All of these techniques are widely used in commercial database products. Prof. Bayer has also made many other important research contributions to the database field over a 30 year carreer in the areas of transaction management, deductive database, digital libraries, and most recently to OLAP where he developed (with Volker Markl) the UB-Tree index that exploits space-filling curves for multidimensional indexing.
  2. The 2001 SIGMOD Contributions Award goes to Prof. Daniel J. Rosenkrantz of the University at Albany - State University of New York, for his outstanding and sustained services to the database field. Prof. Rosenkrantz was on the PODS Executive Committee 1990-1995, was PODS General Chair in 1984, 1990, and 1991, and was instrumental in encouraging the co-location of the PODS and SIGMOD Conferences. He has also made important research contributions to database concurrency control. He served as an editor of JACM 1981-1986 and was editor-in-chief of JACM 1986-1991. Prof. Rosenkrantz has carried out pioneering reserch in numerous areas of computer science. He was elected an ACM Fellow in 1995.
  3. The SIGMOD Best Paper Award this year went to: "Locally Adaptive Dimensionality Reduction for Indexing Large Time Series Databases," by Eamonn J. Keogh, Kaushik Chakrabarti, Sharad Mehrotra, and Michael J. Pazzani (UC Irvine)
  4. The PODS Best Paper Award went to: "Optimal Aggregation Algorithms for Middleware" by Ronald Fagin (IBM Almaden), Amnon Lotem (Univ. of Maryland), Moni Naor (Weizmann Institute of Science)
  5. The PODS Best Newcomer Award went to "Relaxed Multi-Way Trees with Group Updates", by Kim S. Larsen (Univ. of Southern Denmark).
  6. The 2001 ACM Undergraduate Award winners are: Nilesh N. Dalvi (IIT Bombay, India), Antonio Gomez (Univ. Simon Bolivar, Venezuela), Jason Chionh Chern Hooi (National Univ. of Singapore), Sumit K. Sanghaio (IIT Bombay, India), and Markus Wawryniuk (Martin-Luther Univ., Germany).

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