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Area Attractions
Area Attractions

Riva del Garda is situated at the north end of Garda Lake, offering several opportunities for single- and multi-day trips and excursions in the surrounding area that will please both the city-lovers, as well as the nature-lovers.

The shores of Lake Garda are full with picturesque villages, such as Malcesine (visited by Goethe), Torri del Benaco, Sirmione (where Maria Callas owned a villa), and many others.

The cities of Verona, as well as Trento, where the Council of Trent took place in the 16th century, are within easy reach. Venice, Padua, and Mantua, with their rich cultural heritage, can be visited in a single-day trip. A little bit further away, Ravenna, with its world-famous early Christian mosaics, as well as Florence, the birthplace of the Renaissance, and the entire region of Tuscany are very interesting destinations.

Nature lovers should not miss the opportunity to visit the Dolomite Mountains, part of the Alps and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. These magnificent and impressive mountains offer numerous opportunities for hikes, mountaineering, rock climbing, as well as for relaxing at the shores of one of the many lakes.

Excursions for VLDB Participants
You can also choose among the excursions specifically organized for the VLDB 2013 participants here.

Do you know where the small port depicted in the VLDB 2013 homepage is? You could visit this place for lunch, or just for a coffee!

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