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IEEE SCC 2006: Chicago, Illinois, USA

2006 IEEE International Conference on Services Computing (SCC 2006), 18-22 September 2006, Chicago, Illinois, USA. IEEE Computer Society 2006, ISBN 0-7695-2670-5 CiteSeerX Google scholar pubzone.org BibTeX bibliographical record in XML




Research Session 1: Services and Semantics

Research Session 2: Compliance, Access Control & SLAs

Research Session 3: Services Management

Research Session 4: Business Process Management

Research Session 5: Business Process Integration

Research Session 6: SOA and Service Infrastructures

Research Session 7: SOA Programming and Benchmark

Research Session 8: Services Orchestration and Choreography

Research Session 9: Services Composition and Discovery

Research Session 10: Service-Oriented Modeling

Short Paper Session 1: SOA Management

Short Paper Session 2: SLA and Services Optimization

Short Paper Session 3: Service-Oriented Architecture and Development

Short Paper Session 4: Business Process Integration

Short Paper Session 5: Business Services

Short Paper Session 6: Industry Applications

Short Paper Session 7: Services in Web and Mobile Environment

Short Paper Session 8: QoS, RFID, and Grid Flow Management

Industry Paper Session 1: Architecture & Case Studies

Industry Paper Session 2: Business Process Management

Industry Paper Session 3: Business Process Modeling

Industry Paper Session 4: Application of Grid Services

Industry Paper Session 5: Service Composition and Dynamic Service Invocation

Services Computing Contest

SOA Industry Summit


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