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14. AAAI / 9. IAAI 1997: Providence, Rhode Island

Proceedings of the Fourteenth National Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Ninth Innovative Applications of Artificial Intelligence Conference, AAAI 97, IAAI 97, July 27-31, 1997, Providence, Rhode Island. AAAI Press / The MIT Press, 1997, ISBN 0-262-51095-2

AAAI-97 Technical Papers


Agent Architecture

Agent Coordination


Automated Reasoning

Automated Reasoning/Diagnosis

Automated Reasoning & the User Interface

Belief and Decision



Modeling for Decision Processes

Qualitative Reasoning

Reasoning about Physical Systems

Spatial Uncertainty

Techniques for Temporal Reasoning

Constraint Satisfaction and Search

Constraint Satisfaction Problems and Bayes Networks

Constraint Satisfaction Problems: Symmetry

Constraint Satisfaction Techniques

Efficient Reasoning

Heuristics for Scheduling

Information Retrieval

Local Search: Beyond SAT

Local Search Techniques

Problem Solving & Computational Resources


Search (Cost)

Structure of Constraint Satisfaction Problems

Education and Evaluation

Computational Systems for Education

Experimental Methodology

Knowledge Representation

Building and Modifying Knowledge Bases

Description Logics

Knowledge Representation for Automated Reasoning

Knowledge Representation: Expert Systems

Knowledge Representation: Nonmonotonic Logic

Knowledge Representation: Ontologies

Knowledge Representation: Reasoning about Action

Knowledge Representation: Theorem Proving


Formal Analyses of Learning

Knowledge Discovery in Databases

Learning In Linguistic Domains

Machine Learning (Probabilistic)

Model Selection and Overfitting

Parallelism in Learning

Reactive Behavior

Text Retrieval and Learning

Natural Language

Language and Learning

Natural Language

Natural Language Generation

Perception and Behavior

Multi-Agent Systems

Navigation & Perception


Case-Based Reasoning and Planning

Flexible Hierarchical Planning

Optimal Planning

Plan Generation

Planning Under Uncertainty

Probability and Planning

Invited Talks

Mobile Robot Competition Abstracts

Doctorial Consortium Abstracts

Student Abstracts

Innovative Applications of Artificial Intelligence Papers

Deployed Applications

Emerging Applications

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