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40. COMPCON 1995: San Francisco, California, USA

COMPCON '95: Technologies for the Information Superhighway, Digest of Papers, March 5-9, 1995, San Francisco, California, USA. IEEE-CS 1995, ISBN 0-8186-7029-0

World Wide Web Topics

Electronic Commerce on the Internet

Business on Networks

Is it Time to Pay Attention? Information Trials in the Bay Area

Distance Learing Technologies

Satellite Superhighways

Alpha 21164 Microprocessor and Systems

First Generation PowerPC SMP Systems

PA-RISC: Application-Driven Innovation

Information Hosting Services

Mobile Internet Applications (Based on PDAs)


Advanced Media Enhancement Technologies

Interactive TV

Storage Hierarchy in Multimedia Systems

HAL Computer Systems

PowerPC Processors

PowerPC Software and Systems

NOW: Networks of Workstations

High Speed Network Protocols

ATM - Panel

Taligent Object Services

Multimedia Authoring and Acrobat

Advanced CD Systems

High Performance Storage Systems

New Trends in Storage Management

The UltraSPARC Microprocessor with Multimedia Support

Internet Access to Environmental Data

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