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24. ER 2005: Klagenfurt, Austria - Workshops

Jacky Akoka, Stephen W. Liddle, Il-Yeol Song, Michela Bertolotto, Isabelle Comyn-Wattiau, Samira Si-Said Cherfi, Willem-Jan van den Heuvel, Bernhard Thalheim, Manuel Kolp, Paolo Bresciani, Juan Trujillo, Christian Kop, Heinrich C. Mayr (Eds.): Perspectives in Conceptual Modeling, ER 2005 Workshops AOIS, BP-UML, CoMoGIS, eCOMO, and QoIS, Klagenfurt, Austria, October 24-28, 2005, Proceedings. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 3770 Springer 2005, ISBN 3-540-29395-7 CiteSeerX Google scholar pubzone.org BibTeX bibliographical record in XML

First International Workshop on Best Practices of UML (BP-UML 2005)

Experience Reports and new Applications

Model Evaluation and Requirements Modeling

Metamodeling and Model Driven Development

Seventh International Bi-conference Workshop on Agent-Oriented Information Systems (AOIS-2005)

Invited Talk

Positions in Engineering Agent Oriented Systems

Agent Oriented Methodologies and Conceptual Modeling

Agent Communication and Coordination

Second International Workshop on Conceptual Modeling for Geographic Information Systems (CoMoGIS 2005)

Invited Talk

Spatial and Spatio-temporal Data Representation

Spatial Relations

Spatial Queries, Analysis and Data Mining

Data Modeling and Visualisation

Sixth International Workshop on Conceptual Modeling Approaches for e-Business (eCOMO 2005)

First International Workshop on Quality of Information Systems (QoIS 2005)

Information System Models Quality

Quality Driven Processes


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