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5. ICDAR 1999: Bangalore, India

Fifth International Conference on Document Analysis and Recognition, ICDAR 1999, 20-22 September, 1999, Bangalore, India. IEEE Computer Society, 1999

Session 1: Mo-1: Opening Session - Keynote Address

Session 2: Mo-2A: Multimedia Document Processing

Session 3: Mo-2B: Character Recognition

Session 4: Mo-2C: Document Image Processing I

Session 5: Mo-3A: Poster Session I - Applications, Checks, Forms and Music

Session 6: Mo-3B: Poster Session I - Document Image Processing, DAS, Electronic Documents, Document Segmentation

Session 7: Mo-3C: Poster Session I - Character Recognition, Classification, Handwritten Character Recognition

Session 8: Mo-4A: Information Retrieval

Session 9: Mo-4B: Postal Automation

Session 10: Mo-4C: Font Recognition

Session 11: Tu-1: Plenary Session - Invited Talk: Manuscriptology in the Modern Context

Session 12: Tu-2A: Document Analysis Systems

Session 13: Tu-2C: Classification

Session 14: Tu-3A: OCR for Indian Languages

Session 15: Tu-3B: Handwriting Recognition I

Session 16: Tu-3C: Performance Evaluation

Session 17: Tu-4A: Graphics Recognition

Session 18: Tu-4B: Oriental Character Recognition

Session 19: Tu-4C: Checks, Forms and Music

Session 20: We-1B: Word Recognition

Session 21: We-1C: Document Segmentation

Session 22: We-2A: Electronic Documents

Session 23: We-2B: Handwriting Recognition II

Session 24: We-2C: Document Image Processing II

Session 25: We-3A: Poster Session II - Oriental Character Recognition, OCR for Indian Languages

Session 26: We-3B: Poster Session II - Graphics Recognition, Information Retrieval, Multimedia, Performance Evaluation

Session 27: We-3C: Poster Session II - Handwriting Recognition, Postal Automation

Session 28: We-4B: Handwritten Character Recognition

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