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4. ICMCS 1997: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Proceedings of the International Conference on Multimedia Computing and Systems, June 3-6, 1997, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. IEEE Computer Society, 1997, ISBN 0-8186-7819-4

Session 1: Communication Protocols I

Session 2: Video Servers I

Session 3: Music and Distributed Cinema

Session 4: Communication Protocols II

Session 5: Video Servers II

Session 6: Coding and Compression

Session 7: Communication Protocols III

Session 8: Video Servers III

Session 9: Video and Audio Content Analysis

Session 10: Models for Multimedia Presentations

Session 11: Video Servers IV

Session 12: Editing MPEG Streams

Session 13: Quality of Service

Session 14: Multimedia Database Systems

Session 15: Still Image Content Processing I

Session 16: Multimedia Synchronization I

Session 17: Operating System Support for Multimedia I

Session 18: Still Image Content Processing II

Session 19: Multimedia Synchronization II

Session 20: Operating System Support for Multimedia II

Session 21: Video Content Processing

Session 22: Multimedia Applications

Session 23: Hypermedia Systems

Session 24: Virtual Reality

Poster Session

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