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7. IFIP Congress 1977: Toronto, Canada

Bruce Gilchrist (Ed.): Information Processing 77, Proceedings of the IFIP Congress 77, Toronto, Canada, August 8-12, 1977. North-Holland, 1977, ISBN 0-7204-0755-9

Future Directions in Computer Architecture

Software Studies I

Pattern Recognition and Artificail Intelligence

Educating in Computing I

Theories of Programs and Languages

New Methods for Information Systems Development

Finite Elements Methods

Future Directions in Information Management

Programming Languages

Data Base Theory

Distributed Processing


Numerical Analysis

Computer Aided Instruction

Impact of Information Systems on Organisations

Modelling and Analysis of Data Networks

Pattern Recognition and Process Control

Effects OF Information Technology on Organisation Structures

Trends and Developments in CAD

Foundations for Proofs about Programs

Software Studies II

Routing and Congestion Control in Switched Data Networks

Future of Data Management

Computer Assisted Training

Process Control

Techniques in CAD I

Data Base Studies I

Fault Tolerance

Distributed Data Switching

Telecommunications Management

Data Base Studies II

Data Networks: Past, Present and Future

Performance Evaluation

Computational Algorithms

Organisational Productivity - The Role of Information Technology

Packet Networks - Issues, Experiences, Choices

Program Translation

Future Potentials in Computer Communication

System Performance

Programming Support Systems

Data Bases and Business Systems

Education in Computing II

Soft Hardware

Graphics in Software Engineering

Interactive Approaches to Corporate Planning and Control

Hardware Aids to Software

Computerized Evaluation and Computational Learning

Specialized Computer Services

CAD - Perspectives and Prospects

Decision Support Systems

Logic and Proofs for Programs

System Programming

Automated Design in Electronics

Verification and Programming

Impact of Information Systems on Organisations II

Operating Systems

Complexity Theory

Palallel Architectures

Programming Methodology

Systems for Public Planning and Control

Techniques in CAD II

New Approaches to Systems Integrity

Numerical Methods in Mathematical Physics and in Control Theory

Formal Theories of Programs and Parallelism

Distributed Systems - Operational and Privacy Requirements

Programming Systems

Concepts in Parallel Programs

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