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10. OOPSLA 1995: Austin, Texas

OOPSLA'95, Tenth Annual Conference on Object-Oriented Programming Systems, Languages, and Applications, 15-19 October 1995, Austin, Texas, USA, Proceedings. SIGPLAN Notices 30(10), October 1995

Design, Analysis and Methods

Chair: Donald Firesmith


Chair: Satoshi Matsuoka

Panel: OO Project Management

Chair: Laura Hill

Implementation and Types - A

Chair: J. Eliot B. Moss

Panel: OO Testing in the Real World

Chair: John D. McGregor

Types and Implementation - B

Chair: Luca Cardelli

Panel: Tailoring OO Methods

Chair: Dennis Mancl

Theory and Semantics

Chair: William H. Harrison

Panel: Patterns: Cult to Culture?

Chair: Steven Fraser

Language Design

Chair: Frank Manola

Panel: Systematic Software Reuse

Chair: Martin L. Griss

Panel: Distributed Object Computing

Chair: Bob Marcus

Metaobject Protocols

Chair: Toby Bloom

Panel: Object and Database Standards

Chair: Mary E. S. Loomis

Panel: Objects and Domain Engineering

Chair: Sanjiv Gossain

Invited Speaker

Patterns and Frameworks

Chair: Brian M. Barry

Operating Systems / Distributed Systems

Chair: Joe Sventek

Invited Speakers

Object Files and Database Systems

Chair: Jerrold Grochow

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