VLDB 2000: 10-Year Award

VLDB2000 and the VLDB Endowment are delighted to honor Dr. Stefano Ceri, Dipartimento Di Elettronica, Politecnico di Milano and Dr. Jennifer Widom, Computer Science Department, Stanford University as recipients of the VLDB2000 10-Year Paper Award for their VLDB 1990 paper:

Stefano Ceri, Jennifer Widom:
Deriving Production Rules for Constraint Maintainance. 566-577
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This prestigious annual award is intended for "the most influential paper in the VLDB proceedings 10 years ago". The honor is well deserved by Stefano and Jennifer given their individual and joint contributions to the area of active databases and to other areas of database research over many years. An award committee of Prof. Frederick H. Lochovsky, Prof. Dr. Hans-Jörg Schek, and H. V Jagadish, chaired by Dr. Michael J. Carey, selected the award winning paper following an exhaustive analysis of ten years of related research literature. The committee found that the paper has had a significant impact on database research and that it has been formative in initiating research on the application of production rules to various aspects of database systems. Other evidence for the paper's influence includes its heavy citation (over 60 on alone) in a variety of follow-on research. Most industrial database systems today include support for both active rules (triggers) and constraints.

Stefano and Jennifer will be honored in a plenary session at the VLDB-2000 Conference in Cairo, Egypt this coming September at which the authors will present a joint paper on topics related to active databases.

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