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Information Processing and Management, Volume 43

Volume 43, Number 1, January 2007

Editorials Book reviews

Volume 43, Number 2, March 2007

Special issue on AIRS2005: Information Retrieval Research in Asia IR theories and models: language modeling and document ranking Text mining issues: classification, clustering, question answering, topic detection and tracking Web related issues: web mining, web search engine and FAQ retrieval Multimedia retrieval: image, video, audio, metadata and music recommendation Experimentation: test collection and evaluation methodology

Volume 43, Number 3, May 2007

Special Issue on Heterogeneous and Distributed IR Heterogeneous Data Management Distributed IR Peer-to-Peer IR General Research Papers Book reviews Errata

Volume 43, Number 4, July 2007

Book Reviews

Volume 43, Number 5, September 2007

Patent Processing General Research Papers Book Review

Volume 43, Number 6, November 2007

In Memoriam Text Summarization General Research Papers Book Review

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