APPENDIX II: Sample of VLDB Conference Plan and Checkpoints

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Numbers at the beginning of a line are suggested number of months prior to (-) or after
(+) the Conference. Numbers are approximations only and may vary according to local

- 51 First Conference proposal sent to the Endowment.
- 48 First Conference proposal presented to the Endowment.
- 39 Final Conference proposal sent to the Endowment including preliminary budget, Conference officers and committees, date and site.
Confirmation by the Endowment.
- 36 Presentation of the Final Conference proposal to the Endowment.
- 28
Status report sent to the Endowment including a more refined and updated budget and sponsorship status.
- 26 Status report presented to the Endowment.
- 24
Select hotels, contract with professional organizer if needed.
- 23
Conference topics, first draft of Call-for-Papers.
Start assembling PC members
- 18
Program Committee complete.
Call-for-Papers, final draft.
Approach professional organizations for cooperation.
Planning for exhibits.
- 17
First printing, Call-for-Papers.
- 15
Call-for-Papers shipping to SIGMOD and other database conferences.
Revised budget.
Approach sponsors and supporters for written commitments.
All committees in place.
Planning for General Tutorials.
Tentative social activity plan.
Prepare to get mailing list.
Print letterhead stationary.
- 13
Complete sponsorships, supports and cooperations.
Call-for-Papers shipping to prior VLDB Conference.
Release Call-for-Papers to Journals for advertising.
General Tutorials in place.
Mailing list in place.
- 12
Status report to the Endowment including an updated budget, sponsorship status, complete list of committees and state of preparations.
Distribute Call-for-Papers at prior VLDB.
Distribute Call-for-Papers to individuals using mailing list.
- 10
Featured speakers set.
Travel fund support solicited.
Program Committee plan in place (including refereeing, Proceedings printing, shipping, typing mats, editing, etc.).
Status and budget review.
- 7
Local arrangment plan in place for registration, conference room, and equipment.
Social activity plan in place.
- 7/ - 6
Deadline for paper submission (Program Committee).
Papers to referees and Program Committee.
- 5
Refereeing process complete.
Prepare Advance Program.
Advance Program to printer.
- 4
Program Committee meetings complete, scientific program finalized.
Notices of acceptance sent.
Author's kits to authors.
Advanced Program including travel information sent to Journals for advertising.
Advance Program to Coordinators.
Prepare for mailing Advance Programs.
Prepare final program for printing.
Conference Executive Committee to finalize program Status and Budget.
- 3.5
Notices of rejection sent.
Mail advance programs.
Registration plan implemented (prepare packages for registration).
- 3
Camera ready papers received.
Proceedings to printer.
Review Conference site arrangements and reserve meeting and speakers' rooms.
Final lecture hall assignments.
- 2.5
Mail final program.
Pre-registration deadline.
- 2
Proceedings printed.
- 1
Local registration facility and details set.
Audio and visual equipment arranged and Conference site detailed check.
Paint signs for Conference.
Last minute program changes.
- 0.5
Check hotel bucking status.
Prepare kits for non-preregistered people.
Prepare kits for pre-registered people containing last minute update information.
Check pre-registration list and kit mailing.
Prepare badges.
Arrange Conference reception and banquet.
- 0.2
Final status review and last minute touch-up.
Preliminary report to Endowment including registration and financial status.
+ 1
Return of loans to Endowment.
+ 3
Written final report on success and experiences to VLDB Executive Committee.
+ 4
Financial report with all records submitted to Endowment treasurer.
Surplus distribution.
+ 12
Final report to Board of Trustees.