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36. HICSS 2003: Big Island, Hawaii, USA

36th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS-36 2003), CD-ROM / Abstracts Proceedings, January 6-9, 2003, Big Island, HI, USA. IEEE Computer Society, 2003, ISBN 0-7695-1874-5 - Track 7

Business-to-Business Electronic Commerce (INBTB)

E-Commerce Customer Relations Management (INCRM)

E-Commerce Systems Development Methodologies (INSDM)

Economics and Electronic Commerce (INEEC)

Electronic Marketing (INEMG)

Financial Industry in the Digital Economy (INFIN)

Intellectual Property Rights in the Digital Economy: Issues, Economics, Law and Ethics (INIPR)

Internet & Workflow Automation: Technical & Managerial Issues (INIWA)

Internet Security Issues in E-Commerce (INISI)

Managing Information on the Web (INMIW)

Measuring and Theorizing about Net-enabled Organizations (INMTO)

Online Communities in the Digital Economy (INOCD)

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Computing (INPTP)

Personalization Management Systems (INPMS)

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