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25. ICDCS 2005: Columbus, Ohio, USA

25th International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems (ICDCS 2005), 6-10 June 2005, Columbus, OH, USA. IEEE Computer Society 2005, ISBN 0-7695-2331-5 CiteSeerX Google scholar pubzone.org BibTeX bibliographical record in XML


Session 1: Keynote Speech

Session 2A: Sensor Networks

Session 2B: Distributed Algorithms

Session 2C: (Non)Cooperative Systems

Session 3A: Wireless Communications and Networks

Session 3B: Data Management

Session 3C: Fault-Tolerance

Session 4A: Data Management II

Session 4B: Distributed Algorithms II

Session 4C: Security

Session 5A: Keynote Speech

Inventing the Next Global Communications Infrastructure

Session 6A: Data Management III

Session 6B: Sensor Networks II

Session 6C: Internetworking

Session 7A: Publish-Subscribe Communication

Session 7B: Wireless Communications and Networks II

Session 7C: Security II

Session 8: Panel on "DCS - Past 25 Years, Next 25 Years"

Session 9: Keynote Speech

Session 10A: Internet Computing

Session 10B: Data Management IV

Session 10C: Wireless Privacy

Session 11A: Sensor Networks III

Session 11B: Resource Management

Session 11C: Middleware

Session 12A: Wireless Communications and Networks III

Session 12B: Stream Management

Session 12C: Security III

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