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ICME 2000: New York, NY, USA

2000 IEEE International Conference on Multimedia and Expo (ICME), 30 July - 2 August 2000 NY, USA. IEEE Catalog Number 00HT8532 (softbound) / IEEE Catalog Number 00HT8532C (CD-Rom), Library of Congress Number 00-106310, ISBN softbound: 07803-6536-4, ISBN CD-ROM: 07803-6537-2

Volume I - Monday

Multimedia Education I

Collaborative Networking Applications

Web and E-Commerce

Multimedia Codec I

Image Retrieval I

Multimedia Authoring / Virtual Reality

Multimedia Codec II

Multimedia Authoring

Audio Processing in Multimedia I

Streaming Video

User Interface I

Video / Image Retrieval II

Data Hiding I

Face Video Analysis & Synthesis I

Speech/Audio over Network

Video Retrieval

Authentication / Security / Traffic / Error Control

Perceptual Interface

Volume II - Tuesday

TA0 Multimedia Education II

Face Video Analysis & Synthesis II

Feature Extraction for Image and Video

Special Session: Content-Based Retrieval

Image Retrieval II

Web Search / Retrieval & Applications

Multimedia Feature Representations

Audio Processing in Multimedia II

QoS (Traffic Management / Protocol) I

Audio Retrieval

Multimedia Representations

User Interface II

Wireless Video / Communication

Data Hiding II

QoS (Traffic Management / Protocol) II

Lip Synchronization / Speechreading

MPEG-4 Natural Hybrid Coding

Image / Video Segmentation / Summary I

Video / Image Retrieval I

Volume III - Wednesday

Multimedia Home Appliance / Universal Access

Wireless Multimedia

Multimedia and Security

Video over Network

Image / Video Segmentation / Summary II

Multimedia System / Hardware

Multimedia System / Hardware

Wireless Multimedia

Video on Demand

Error Control

Security / Authentication

Segmentation, Summarization & Indexing

Video Conferencing

QoS (Traffic Management / Protocol) III

Virtual / Augmented Reality



Multimedia Codec III

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