VLDB 2021: Call for Contributions - Panels

Panels provide a unique forum to debate different points of view concerning big issues that face our community. For a panel to be successful, the setting must be debate-oriented, with panelists advocating sharply different points of view and not simply a sequence of short presentations. The focus of the panel must also be a topic of importance to a broad section of the community. We invite panel proposals for VLDB 2021 (duration: 90 minutes) that satisfy the above criteria. The proposal should be submitted by the moderator of the panel, and must specify the topic of the panel as well as its significance to the community. It should clearly articulate the opposing views that will be debated in the panel and the questions the panelists will be expected to respond to. The list of panelists who have agreed to participate in the conference should also be provided. Please include the affiliation as well as a short bio (or the URL of the web page) for the moderator and the panelists.

Important Dates

All deadlines below are 5 PM Pacific Time.

Submission deadline March 5, 2021
Notification of acceptance April 29, 2021

Submission Guidelines

Panel proposals should be submitted in .pdf format via e-mail to Susan Davidson susan@cis.upenn.edu.

Panel Track Chairs

Susan Davidson, University of Pennsylvania
Theo Rekatsinas, University of Wisconsin, Madison