VLDB 2021: Sponsor Session

All times are given to the Copenhagen local timezone at the conference time (CEST).


Data augmentation for ML-driven data preparation and integration [Pre-recorded] Yiuliang Li (Megagon AI)

Why I Love Working on Data at Salesforce [Live / Remote] Pat Helland (Salesforce Database)

The Lakehouse Engine [Live / Remote] Stratis Viglas (Databricks)

Hybrid Data Fabric [Live / Remote] Abdel Labbi (IBM)

Autonomous Insights – your personal digital executive assistant [Live / Remote] Sameer Dixit (Persistent)

Autonomous Database performance secrets: PMEM + RDMA [Live / On-Site] Danica Porobic (Oracle)

Snowflake Eating Their Own Dog Food [Live / On-Site] Martin Hentschel (Snowflake)

Cloud Native Data Warehouse in Alibaba [Pre-recorded] Lin Liang (Senior Director at Alibaba Group)

Time for a financial graph database benchmark [Live / Remote] Xiaowei Zhu (Ant Group)

Cloud DBMSs at Oushu Technologies [Pre-recorded] Zhenglin Tao (Beijing Oushu)

5 Years of Hyper at Tableau [Live / Remote] Tobias Mühlhäuser (Tableau Software)

Consistency problems in Facebook's secondary indexing systems [Live / Remote] Rob Lyerly (Facebook)

Open-Source Databases and Libraries at Microsoft Research [Live / Remote] Badrish Chandramouli (Microsoft)

Hard-/Software Co-Innovation in SAP HANA Cloud [Live / Remote] Oli Rebholz (SAP)

ZNS SSDs: Eliminate the tax of the SSD block interface through Zoned Storage [Live / On-Site] Matias Bjørling (Western Digital)