VLDB 2023: Accepted Tutorials

Paper Title


Time Series Data Mining: A Unifying View

Eamonn Keogh (UC Riverside)*

Machine Learning for Subgraph Extraction: Methods, Applications and Challenges

Kai Siong Yow (Nanyang Technological University)*; Ningyi Liao (Nanyang Technological University ); Siqiang Luo (Nanyang Technological University); Reynold Cheng ("The University of Hong Kong, China")

Private Information Retrieval in Large Scale Public Data Repositories

Ishtiyaque Ahmad (University of California, Santa Barbara)*; Divy Agrawal (University of California, Santa Barbara); Amr El Abbadi (UC Santa Barbara); Trinabh Gupta (UCSB)

Data and AI Model Markets: Grand Opportunities for Data and Model Sharing, Discovery, and Integration

Jian Pei (Simon Fraser University)*; Raul Castro Fernandez (The University of Chicago); Xiaohui Yu (York University)

Efficient Execution of User-Defined Functions in SQL Queries

Alkis Simitsis (Athena Research Center)*; Yannis E Foufoulas (University of Athens)

Natural Language Interfaces for Databases with Deep Learning

George Katsogiannis-Meimarakis (Athena Research Center)*; Michail Xydas (Athena R.C.); Georgia Koutrika (ATHENA Research Center)

Join Order Selection with Deep Reinforcement Learning: Fundamentals, Techniques, and Challenges

Zhengtong Yan (University of Helsinki)*; Valter Uotila (University of Helsinki); Jiaheng Lu (University of Helsinki)

Full-Power Graph Querying: State of the Art and Challenges

Ioana Manolescu (Inria and Institut Polytechnique de Paris); Madhulika Mohanty (Inria Saclay)*

A Tutorial on Visual Representations of Relational Queries

Wolfgang Gatterbauer (Northeastern University)*

Databases on Modern Networks: A Decade of Research that now comes into Practice

Alberto Lerner (University of Friborug)*; Carsten Binnig (TU Darmstadt); Philippe Cudre-Mauroux (Exascale Infolab, Fribourg University); Rana Hussein (University of Fribourg); Matthias Jasny (TU Darmstadt); Theo Jepsen (USI); Dan Ports (MSR); Lasse Thostrup (TU Darmstadt); Tobias Ziegler (TU Darmstadt)

Building a Collaborative Data Analytics System: Opportunities and Challenges

Zuozhi Wang (U C IRVINE)*; Chen Li (UC Irvine)