VLDB 2023: Sponsorship

Who are we?

VLDB, started in 1975, is the premier database conference. It is an international conference held annually. Different countries ranging from China to India, Germany, Brazil and USA have hosted VLDB. It has introduced numerous influential concepts such as "Big Data", "Data Science", and "Cloud" before these names became widely used. Some of the seminal and highly cited research papers in these topics were published in our conference. For almost half a century and after an explosive growth in the computing industry, we remain the home for the latest cutting-edge research and industrial innovation in the data arena. Even today, the technology and research presented at our conference is typically 5 to 10 years ahead of its time. VLDB 2023 will be held at Vancouver, Canada, on August 28-September 1, 2023.Vancouver is one of the world’s most livable cities. Young, pioneering and surrounded by stunning natural surroundings, Vancouver offers unparalleled destination value and one of the most cohesive and supportive hospitality networks in the world. You'll find non-stop direct flights to over 122 destinations, with 86 US and 43 international arrivals per day. And to get around, choose from skytrains, buses, taxis, Ubers, Lyfts, limousines, or your legs (we're very walkable)1. This year's VLDB will be organized as a hybrid event with both on-site and online participation possible; sponsors can have presence and visibility at both the physical and the online aspects of the event. The conference will have a separate but equally prestigious research and industry tracks for the papers presented at the conference. It offers a forum for researchers and practitioners to exchange and share results, providing tremendous opportunities for technological and entrepreneurial innovation. We anticipate more than ten timely workshops to co-locate with VLDB.

Sponsorship Benefits

Many sponsors use VLDB to meet and hire the leading data architects, practitioners and scientists of our generation. Contact VLDB 2023 General Conference Sponsorship Committee via leichen@cse.ust.hk, florian.kerschbaum@uwaterloo.ca, catarci@diag.uniroma1.it.

Sponsorship Categories

VLDB sponsorships are categorized into three types: Each conference and local sponsorship funds a specific conference, such as this year's VLDB 2023, and the benefits to the sponsors are largely restricted to the time of the conference. The Endowment sponsors enjoy additional benefits all year round.

VLDB2023 Conference Sponsorship Levels

There are four conference sponsorship levels for VLDB2023. Special Sponsors includes specific event support, exhibition, etc. The VLDB 2023 Sponsorships and Exhibitions Prospectus is below. Please check the details of sponsorships. Please note: sponsorship amounts are exclusive of any applicable taxes.

Diamond Sponsor— USD $30,000 and above

VLDB 2023 provides a system where Diamond sponsors provide a limited number of job descriptions. Each conference student registrant will have the option to upload a resume and select a company of interest. The resume along with the registrants contact information will be made available to the sponsors, approximately 10 business days prior to the conference. The company may set up a schedule of interviews at their exhibition booth or a board room. A Boardroom (10 person) available at the conference venue for 3 hours for private discussion and interviewing.

Platinum Sponsor — USD $20,000

Gold Sponsor — USD $10,000

Silver Sponsor — USD $5,000

Bronze Sponsor — USD $3,000

Exhibition Area — USD $1,300

Additional Sponsorship Opportunities

Companies interested in sponsoring a specific event within the conference are asked to contact the General Chair about the possibilities and associated costs/logistics. Additional benefits include: Please note that VLDB does not allow sponsorship of events such as keynotes, panels, and best paper awards, to prevent any potential conflict of interest.

Workshop Sponsorship

Coordinated directly by workshop organizers directly. Workshop organizers raising sponsorship funds are encouraged to coordinate with the GC and the local organization team to coordinate benefits to sponsors and how the sponsorship funds will be used.

National Canadian (Canadian $2000 and above)

For companies based in Canada, we offer specialized sponsorship opportunities that are intended to increase participation in VLDB from local companies. Local sponsorship arrangements are flexible and can be adjusted to suit each company's specific needs. For more details, please contact our local sponsorship chair, tzwang@sfu.ca.

VLDB Endowment Sponsorship

VLDB invites companies wishing to sponsor the VLDB Conference to become Endowment Sponsors. The newly introduced Endowment Sponsorship hopes to foster increased collaboration and dialogue between the sponsoring companies and the VLDB research community by providing enhanced benefits to VLDB’s corporate partners. Endowment sponsorships are intended for companies/organizations with a longer-term interest in database research and development who wish to stay connected with the VLDB community. The expectation is that such companies would stay engaged with and sponsor VLDB over multiple years and would benefit from the increased level of benefits that such a sponsorship will provide. Endowment sponsors at a given level (e.g., Platinum) are automatically conference sponsors at the same level for the given year. In addition to all the benefits that a VLDB conference sponsorship offers at the given level, the Endowment sponsors will further receive the following benefits:
  1. Recognition as a VLDB Endowment sponsor at all VLDB events year round: The endowment sponsor, in addition to be recognized as sponsors (at the appropriate level of support sponsor-- e.g., Gold, Platinum, Diamond) during the conference, would also be recognized at other VLDB events such as summer schools, sponsored workshops, etc.
  2. Ambassador Service: The VLDB endowment will identify a specific individual from the VLDB community who will serve as a liaison to ensure that the endowment sponsors are able to derive maximum value from the VLDB community sponsorship all year round.
  3. Opportunity to participate in an online advisory meeting twice a year. Endowment sponsors will have an opportunity to participate in a bi-annual advisory meeting. During the meeting the sponsor representatives will have an opportunity to engage with the Endowment representatives to provide collective feedback on activities & sponsorship benefits, as well as to share their vision(s) for the growth of the field.
  4. Access to a curated list of graduating students looking for jobs not just during the conference, but every quarter. The names will consist of students who opt-in and would like VLDB to distribute their name to potential employers.
  5. Access to Leading Database researchers on topics of mutual interest: The VLDB Endowment (through the organization’s liaison - see benefit 2 above) will enable sponsors to connect with experts on specific topics of interest to their sponsoring organization. Typically, these experts will be ones who have offered tutorials / lectures / keynotes at the conference and/or explicitly expressed interest in donating a few hours of their time connecting with sponsoring companies. The experts will offer consulting / talks on specific topics of mutual interest exclusively for the Company’s internal audience. The goal of this benefit is to seed potential opportunities for research collaborations / consulting between academics and corporate partners. The Endowment will provide Endowment sponsors with a list of researchers and topics to choose from. Different levels of sponsorship will provide different levels of access to researchers: Gold – one 2-hour session, Platinum – two 2-hour sessions, and Diamond – three 2-hour sessions. Please note that this benefit is based on the VLDB researchers volunteering to contribute their time to companies; the list of available topics and researchers may change dynamically.

Endowment Sponsor Ambassadors

The following is the list of VLDB Ambassadors who will serve as a liaison to VLDB Endowment Sponsors:

Aaron Elmore, U of Chicago
Abolfazl Asudeh, Univ. of Illinois Chicago
Ahmed Eldawy, UC Riverside
Florin Rusu, UC Merced
Li Xiong, Emory University
Manos Athanassoulis, Boston University
Mo Sadoghi, UC Davis
Mohamed Sarwat, Arizona State University
Sanjay Krishnan, U of Chicago
Senjuti Basuroy, New Jersey Institute of Technology

Becoming an Endowment Sponsor

So, what does a company need to do to get all the above benefits above in addition to the benefits conference sponsors get? Not much! If you are a sponsor at the Gold level or higher, you automatically qualify. You will need to communicate with the endowment about your desire to become an Endowment Sponsor with the intent of sponsoring VLDB repeatedly over the years. For further information about the VLDB Endowment Sponsorships, please contact Anand Deshpande (Persistent) or Sharad Mehrotra (UC Irvine).