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1998 VLDB Conference
24th International Conference on
Very Large Databases (VLDB)
August 24 - 27, 1998
Marriott Marquis Hotel
New York City, NY, USA


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The VLDB Conference is a premier international conference on database technology, organized every year by the VLDB Endowment. VLDB Proceedings from earlier VLDB Conferences are distributed by Morgan Kaufmann Publishers. The VLDB Endowment also publishes the VLDB Journal.

Key officers
Program committee members
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Information for Authors
Call For Papers including instructions on when to submit as well as what to submit and where to send your submission 
Accepted papers 
Statistics on the number of submitted and accepted papers 
Instructions to authors of accepted papers for preparing camera-ready copies 
Other Information
Information for sponsors
Information for book exhibitors 
Co-located workshops and conferences 
Conference Venue, Travel and Registration Material
General information about the New York City and the New York Marriott Marquis Hotel.
Getting there by air or train
Check out the special discounts from the official airline of VLDB'98. 
Need an invitation letter to obtain a visa for entering USA? Send email to rasmusse@cs.rutgers.edu
Conference registration form (for on-line or off-line registration). The deadline for advance registration (and the lowest fees) is July 17, 1998. 
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Social events
Marriott Marquis Hotel reservation form. To get the special rates you must make your reservations by July 27, 1998. We strongly recommend not to miss this deadline.
Alternate hotels
Technical Program
A message from the conference general chairs (Alexandros Biliris and Inderpal Mumick) and research program committee chairs (Oded Shmueli and Jennifer Widom).
Invited talks
Atomicity versus Anonymity: Distributed Transactions for Electronic Commerce.
Prof. Doug Tygar (CMU and UC Berkeley)
Technology and the Future of Commerce and Finance.
David E. Shaw (Chairman and CEO, D. E. Shaw & Co., Inc.)
DBMSs: From Data Management to Enterprise Management.
Charles Rozwat (Senior Vice President, Oracle Corporation)
The Rebirth of Database Machine Research.
Dina Bitton (Integrated Data Systems) and Jim Gray (Microsoft Research)
Tutorial program
Includes tutorials on
- Electronic commerce
- Web caching
- Financial time series data: array database systems and object-relational and object database systems,
- Database reverse engineering
- Data mining and KDD: overview with details on some mining methods and financial applications
Research sessions
Three sessions discussing issues on
- Is web-site management a database problem?
- Information, communication, and money: for what can we charge and how can we meter it?
- Starting (and sometimes ending) a database company
Systems exhibits
Includes exhibits from the following companies:
Advanced Communication Technology, Bell Labs, Compaq, Daimler-Benz, IBM, Informix, Inventure America, MapInfo, Microsoft, Mihalisin Associates, Objectivity, and Oracle.
Book exhibits


Principal Sponsor Sponsors Contributors
Oracle AT&T Labs IBM Junglee
Informix Microsoft Savera


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