Manuscript Preparation

Duplicate Submission Policy

Duplicate submissions are not allowed. A submission is considered to be a duplicate submission if, at any time during the time when the submission is under consideration, there is another paper with the following properties:

1. the paper and the VLDB submission have at least one author in common;
2. the paper is more than 4 pages long, when formatted in the VLDB format;
3. the main technical content of the paper substantially overlaps that of the VLDB submission; and
4. the paper is published or under consideration for publication in a refereed journal or proceedings (electronic or printed) that is generally available (e.g., not limited to conference attendees).

Authors are expected to agree to the following terms:

I understand that the paper being submitted must not overlap substantially with any other paper that I am a co-author of and that is currently submitted elsewhere. Furthermore, previously published papers with any overlap are covered prominently in this submission.

Duplicate submissions will be rejected. Questions about this policy or how it applies to your work should be directed to the technical program chair.

Formatting Guidelines

It is the authors' responsibility to ensure that their submissions adhere strictly to the formatting detailed here. In particular, it is not allowed to modify the format with the objective of squeezing in more material. Submissions that do not comply with the formatting detailed here will be rejected without review.

Please note that papers must be submitted in the VLDB format, which is described in detail here. Note that the limit of 12 pages must be followed.

Please make sure that you include the correct copyright notice into your paper. We recommend to use the styles provided here as the statement is already included.

For LaTeX

VLDB provides a style template that is based on the ACM SIG Proceedings Style. You can download all necessary files here:

* The LaTeX document class vldb.cls
* A sample LaTeX document vldb_sample.tex
* Some pdf files that are used as figures flies.pdf, fly.pdf, rosette.pdf
* An example .bib file sigproc.bib
* A sample output document vldb_sample.pdf

For your convinience, all these files are packed together into a .zip file to download:

For Microsoft Word

Please use this document vldb_sample.doc as template for your paper.

Preparation and Submission of Camera-Ready Copies

Authors of accepted papers will be contacted by the Proceedings Editor, who will provide the authors with the information necessary to prepare and upload the camera-ready copies of their papers and submit the accompanying copyright transfer form.

The firm deadline for submission of camera-ready copies is To be defined. It is the authors' responsibility to ensure that their camera-ready copies adhere strictly to the formatting instructions and are submitted by the deadline. Failure to comply with the instructions may result in the paper not being included in the proceedings. Should the Proceedings Editor have any problems with a submitted camera-ready copy, e.g., missing fonts or the like, he will do his best to contact the responsible author as soon as possible.

Copyright Transfer Form

Authors of accepted papers must fill in the VLDB Copyright Transfer Form. By completing the form, the author grants and assigns exclusively to the VLDB Endowment all rights of copyright in his/her contribution. Notice that this is a post-submission step that applies to authors of accepted papers only.