Manuscript Submission

General Information

Papers for VLDB 2009 will be submitted and reviewed using the conference management system. You must submit an abstract by March 13, 2009 (5:00pm GMT, 10:00am PDT). The full paper must subsequently be submitted, in PDF format, by March 20, 2009 (5:00pm GMT, 10:00am PDT).

1. Register the abstract of your paper. The program committee co-chairs use this information to match referee expertise with submitted papers.
2. Upload a PDF version of your paper to our Web site using the paper id and password notified in step 1.

Authors will be asked to enter the relevant subject areas for their paper from the list of areas given in the CfP. Authors will also be asked to enter conflicts of interest with any PC members. The definition of conflict of interest is given below.

Conflict of Interest

The submission site will also request information about conflict of interest with program committee members. We will enforce the following rules for conflict of interest. A paper author has a conflict of interest with a Program Committee (PC) member when and only when one or more of the following conditions hold:

1. The PC member has been a collaborator and/or co-author within the past two years.
2. The PC member has been a co-worker in the same department or lab within the past two years.
3. The PC member is or was the author's primary Ph.D. thesis advisor, no matter how long.
4. The author is or was the PC member's primary Ph.D. thesis advisor, no matter how long.
5. The PC member is a relative or close personal friend.

It is the responsibility of all authors to identify all and only their potential conflict-of-interest reviewers among the program committee members, according to this definition. It is imperative that authors allocate sufficient time in their submission process to identify and enter their conflict-of-interest reviewers. The Program Committee members are listed here. If you believe there are other conditions causing a PC member to have a conflict of interest with your submitted paper, please do not mark the conflict of interest during submission, but do contact the appropriate Track Program Committee Chair.

The Program Chairs reserve the right to reject papers that are determined to have incorrect or incomplete conflict of interest information.


Note that research papers, industrial and experience papers, and demo proposals must be submitted separately. The submission system can be accessed via