10-year Best Paper Award

The 10-year Best Paper is given this year to Peter Boncz, Stephan Manegold and Martin Kersten for their paper entitled "Database Architecture Optimized for the New Bottleneck: Memory Access".

Motivated by the changes (and the increasing gap) in speed delivered by CPU and main memory, this paper proposes a new architecture for DBMS based on a column oriented storage model, as well as a novel radix clustering technique to improve joins. Over the past ten years, continued work by the authors has led to MonetDB, an open source database system for high-performance applications in data mining, OLAP, GIS, XML Query, text and multimedia retrieval. The 10-Year Best Paper award is therefore given to the authors for their contributions to the development of the column store model as well as its realization in a practical system that has been widely used and contributed to by an international group of researchers.