Innovative Systems Papers

Innovative Systems Papers describe innovative systems, platforms, or novel applications of database technology, with an emphasis on creative approaches to systems architecture, and non-obvious lessons learned in the process. This is a category of papers that make a major contribution to the field but do not meet typical criteria for a research paper. In particular, this is the right category for an overview paper of a significant system, particular aspects of which may have been explored in greater detail in standard research papers. While papers in this category are particularly encouraged, the novelty and significance bar here will be higher than for standard research papers to compensate for the decreased technical depth: most small systems research projects may not qualify.

To submit papers, follow the submission guidelines, choose the research track for the correct month, and then specify “Innovative Systems” as the Subject Area. Additionally, please place the string “[Innovative Systems Paper]” at the end of your paper title, to doubly ensure that a reviewer does not mistakenly evaluate it as a research paper. This string is required only during the review process, and should be removed when you prepare your camera-ready copy.

Papers submitted to this track will undergo the same review process as other research track papers. Reviewers will be drawn from a common review board, and the responsible associate editor (AE) responsible will be one of the research track Associate Editors.

General Research Track Information

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