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ICRA 2005: Barcelona, Spain

Proceedings of the 2005 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation, ICRA 2005, April 18-22, 2005, Barcelona, Spain. IEEE 2005 CiteSeerX Google scholar pubzone.org BibTeX bibliographical record in XML

Humanoids I

Vision/Slam I


Multi Robot Communication

Multi Robot Planning

Object Recognition

Nanorobots I

Underwater Robots I

Surgical Robots I

Actuators I

Control I

Petri Nets I and Scheduling

Humanoids II

Slam / Estimation

Teleoperation I

Multi Robot Coordination

Planning I

Pose Estimation

Micro Robots I

Tube/Tunnel Inspection

Surgical Robots II

Soft Actuators

Nonlinear Control

Manufacturing Tools

Humanoids Walking

Slam / Consistency

Teleoperation II

Multi Robot Exploration and Coverage

Grasping I

Stereo Vision + Heads

Micro Robots II

All-Terrain Robots I

Surgical Robots III

Parallel Manipulators I

Special Control Techniques I


Humanoid Motion Planning

Slam and Navigation

Teleoperation III

Multi Agent Task Allocation I

Grasping II

Panoramic Stereovision

Micro Robots III

All-Terrain Robots II

Micro-Medical Robots

SMA Actuators

Control II


Humanoids III


Human Robot Interaction I

Multi Agent Task Allocation II

Manipulation Planning I

3D Tracking I

Robot Design I

Underwater Robots II

Robot-Assisted Needle Insertion


Industrial Robot Control + Dynamics

Humanoids IV

Mapping and Learning

Haptic Interfaces

Multi Robot Formations

Path Planning I

Tracking I

3D Tracking II

Flying: Applications

Medical Robotics

Contact Force Dynamics and Control

Control Architecture

Biped Locomotion I

Navigation and Planning

Tracking People

Mobile Robot Applications I

Path Planning II

Vision Based Control I

Outdoor Sensing I

Flying: Design

Rehabilitation Robots


Special Control Techniques II

Biped Locomotion II

Map Estimation


Swarm Robotics

Manipulation Planning II

Vision Based Control II

Force/Tactile Sensing

Flying: Mini Robots

Biosystem Modeling Estimation


Adaptive Control + Force Control

Climbing Robots

Features Detection

Human-Robot Relations

Multi-Robot Systems I

Mobile Robot Planning I

Tracking II


Service Robots

Medical Robotic Devices

Parallel Manipulators II

Locomotion I

Innovative Manufacturing

Snake Robots

Service Robot Navigation

Learning I

Mobile Robot Applications II

Motion Planning

Vision Based Control III

Outdoor Sensing II

Applications I