VLDB 2022: Diversity and Inclusion

The data management community is acting on an integrated effort for Diversity and Inclusion initiatives. Specific information can be found in the following, dedicated web site: https://dbdni.github.io

The Diversity and Inclusion programme for VLDB2022 builds on the successful initiatives at VLDB2021. We would like to thank our sponsor Google for supporting the activities.

Diversity and Inclusion Speakers

Title: Melding Indigenous Data Sovereignty with New Data Technologies


Sydney Time: 08:00

Maggie Walter (Distinguished Professor, University of Tasmania) Abstract: From an Indigenous perspective, the Western data landscape is characterised by two simultaneous data revolutions. One is the emergence of Indigenous Data Sovereignty and its operating mechanism, Indigenous data governance which together, assert and deliver the rights of Indigenous peoples within data ecosystems. The other is the inception of high-powered data technologies that allow innovations such as Big Data, Open Data, Very Large Data Bases and the use of AI. Both have the potential to deliver significant data linked benefit, but current discussion tend to stress the incompatibility and perhaps even irreconcilability of these two arenas. And with good reason. Because while there are large potential benefits from new data technologies, the marginalised social, cultural and political location of Indigenous Peoples suggest we will not share equally in these. The risks are also likely to be unevenly distributed towards Indigenous Peoples. This presentation discusses the potential unforeseen (and likely unseen) consequences of new data technologies, such as VLDB, as well as how Indigenous data sovereignty, as a site of science and activism, can mediate the risks while providing pathways to collective benefits. Bio: Maggie Walter (PhD; FASSA) is Palawa, a member of the Briggs family of Lutruwita/Tasmania and Distinguished Professor of Sociology Emerita at the University of Tasmania. Maggie is a founding member of the Indigenous Data Sovereignty Australian collective (Maiam nayri Wingara) and an executive member of the Global Indigenous Data Alliance (GIDA) and has published extensively in the field. Recent work includes Indigenous Data Sovereignty and Social Policy (edited with Tahu Kukutai; Stephanie Russo Carroll and Desi Rodriguez Lonebear, Routledge). In May 2021, Maggie was appointed a Commissioner with the Yoo-rrook Justice Commission in Victoria, Australia’s first Truth Telling Royal Commission.

Title: Diversity in computer science: everybody’s business


Sydney Time: 12:30

Kylie Walker (CEO, Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering (ATSE)) Abstract: What do pandemic-stretched mothers and Presidents have in common? Why should you care about the bamboo ceiling, or whether there are women in your classes, your research teams, your management or your boardroom? What does disability have to do with great tech solutions? And how can you ensure your data, and the way it’s used, is leading the pack? This talk will take you through the urgent case for diversity in computer science, and how it can be tackled from the individual, organisational, and systemic levels. Bio: Kylie is the Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering, where she works with expert Fellows to lead crucial national conversations and strategy towards a thriving, healthy and connected Australia supported by technology.

She specialises in connecting technologists, engineers and scientists with governments, business, media and society – skills built over many years in senior federal communication and advocacy roles in the science, technology and health sectors.

As the immediate past CEO of Science & Technology Australia, Kylie led campaigns to increase investment in Australian research and development, and created the acclaimed Superstars of STEM program, championing Australian women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Kylie is also a visiting Fellow at the Australian National Centre for the Public Awareness of Science. She was Chair of the Australian National Commission for UNESCO and in 2019, she was named in the 100 Women of Influence list by the Australian Financial Review, for her work on improving equity, diversity and inclusion in STEM.

@Kylie_Walker1 https://www.linkedin.com/in/kylieawalker/

VLDB Mentoring program

Thank you to all Mentors and Mentees who registered an interest to participate in the mentoring program. The forms are now closed and we are pleased to announce the following arrangements:

  1. In-person mentoring session on grand challenges
    @Mentees attending VLDB22 in-person, if you missed out on filling the form, you are still welcome to come to this session and join a table of your choice
  2. Virtual 8-meeting mentoring program
    Congratulations to all the mentees and mentors who have joined this program. We wish you the best and look forward to getting your feedback in due course

We are calling all members of the VLDB community who have an interest in mentoring, as a mentor or a mentee, to join the VLDB2022 mentoring program. There are opportunities for both in-person as well as virtual/past attendees. In order to best respond to your needs, we ask you to fill out a short form by 26 Aug 2022.

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