VLDB 2022: Industrial Track Papers

Hardware Acceleration of Compression and Encryption in SAP HANA Monica Chiosa (ETH Zurich)*, Fabio Maschi (ETHZ), Ingo Müller (Google), Gustavo Alonso (ETHZ), and Norman May (SAP SE)

Frost: A Platform for Benchmarking and Exploring Data Matching Results Martin Graf (Hasso Plattner Institute), Lukas Laskowski (Hasso Plattner Institute), Florian Papsdorf (Hasso Plattner Institute), Florian Sold (Hasso Plattner Institute), Roland Gremmelspacher (SAP SE), Felix Naumann (Hasso Plattner Institute), and Fabian Panse (Universität Hamburg)*

ByteGraph: A High Performance Distributed Graph Database in ByteDance Changji Li (CUHK)*, Hongzhi CHEN (ByteDance), Shuai Zhang (Bytedance), Yingqian HU (ByteDance), Chao Chen (ByteDance), Zhenjie ZHANG (ByteDance), Meng LI (ByteDance), Xiangchen Li (ByteDance), Dongqing Han (ByteDance), Xiaohui Chen (Bytedance Ltd), Xudong Wang (bytedance), Huiming Zhu (ByteDance), Xuwei FU (bytedance), Tingwei Wu (ByteDance), Hongfei Tan (ByteDance), Hengtian Ding (ByteDance), Mengjin Liu (ByteDance), Kangcheng WANG (ByteDance), Ting Ye (ByteDance), Lei LI (ByteDance), Xin Li (ByteDance), Yu Wang (ByteDance), Chenguang Zheng (CUHK), Hao Yang (Bytedance.com), and James Cheng (CUHK)

CDI-E: An Elastic Cloud Service for Data Engineering Prakash C Das (Informatica), Shivangi srivastava (Informatica), Valentin Moskovich (Informatica)*, Anmol Chaturvedi (Informatica), Anant Mittal (Informatica), Yongqin Xiao (Informatica), and Mosharaf Chowdhury (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor)

Operon: An Encrypted Database for Ownership-Preserving Data Management Sheng Wang (Alibaba Group)*, Yiran Li (Alibaba Group), Huorong Li (Alibaba Group), Feifei Li (Alibaba Group), Chengjin Tian (Alibaba Group), Le Su (Alibaba Group), yanshan Zhang (Alibaba Group), Yubing Ma (Alibaba Group), Lie Yan (Alibaba Group), Yuanyuan Sun (Alibaba Group), Xuntao Cheng (Alibaba Group), Xiaolong Xie (Alibaba Group), and Yu Zou (Alibaba Group)

Tair-PMem: a Fully Durable Non-Volatile Memory Database caixin gong (Alibaba Group)*, Chengjin Tian (Alibaba Group), Zhengheng Wang (Alibaba Group), Sheng Wang (Alibaba Group), Xiyu Wang (Alibaba Group), Qiulei Fu (Alibaba Group), Wu Qin (Alibaba), qian long (alibaba), Rui Chen (Alibaba), Jiang Qi (Alibaba), Ruo Wang (Alibaba), Guoyun Zhu (Alibaba Group), Chenghu Yang (Alibaba Group), Wei Zhang (Alibaba Inc.), and Feifei Li (Alibaba Group)

Trie memtables in Cassandra Branimir Lambov (DataStax)*

Velox: Meta’s Unified Execution Engine Pedro Pedreira (Facebook Inc.)*, Orri Erling (Facebook), Maria Basmanova (Facebook), Kevin Wilfong (Facebook), Laith s Sakka (Meta), Krishna Pai (Meta), Wei He (Meta Platforms, Inc.), and Biswapesh Chattopadhyay (Facebook)

OceanBase: A 707 Million tpmC Distributed Relational Database System Zhenkun YANG (OceanBase), Chuanhui Yang (OceanBase), Fusheng Han (OceanBase), MingQiang Zhuang (OceanBase), Bing Yang (OceanBase), Zhifeng Yang (OceanBase), cheng xiaojun (oceanbase), Yuzhong Zhao (oceanbase), Wenhui Shi (OceanBase), huafeng xi (oceanbase.com), Huang Yu (Ant Financial Group), LIU BIN (OceanBase), Yi Pan (OceanBase), BOXUE YIN (OceanBase), Junquan Chen (OceanBase), and Quanqing Xu (OceanBase)*

VRE: A Versatile, Robust, and Economical Trajectory Data System Hai Lan (RMIT University), Jiong Xie (Alibaba Group), Zhifeng Bao (RMIT University)*, Feifei Li (Alibaba Group), Wei Tian (Alibaba Group), Eric Wong (Alibaba), Sheng Wang (Alibaba Group), and Ailin Zhang (Alibaba)

ByteHTAP: ByteDance’s HTAP System with High Data Freshness and Strong Data Consistency Jianjun Chen (Bytedance)*, Yonghua Ding (Bytedance.com), Ye Liu (Bytedance Inc.), Fangshi Li (Bytedance), Li Zhang (ByteDance), Mingyi Zhang (ByteDance Inc), Kui Wei (ByteDance Inc.), Cao Lixun (ByteDance), Dan Zou (ByteDance), Yang Liu (ByteDance), Lei Zhang (ByteDance), Rui Shi (ByteDance Inc.), Wei Ding (Bytedance), KAI WU (ByteDance), Shangyu Luo (ByteDance), Jason Sun (Bytedance ), and Yuming Liang (ByteDance Inc.)

Beaconnect: Continuous Web Performance A/B Testing at Scale Wolfram Wingerath (University of Oldenburg)*, Benjamin Wollmer (University of Hamburg), Markus Bestehorn (Amazon Web Services), Stephan Succo (Baqend), Sophie Ferrlein (Baqend), Florian Bücklers (Baqend), Jörn Domnik (Baqend), Fabian Panse (Universität Hamburg), Erik Witt (Baqend), Anil Sener (Amazon Web Services), Felix Gessert (Universität Hamburg), and Norbert Ritter (Universität Hamburg)

CloudJump: Optimizing Cloud Database For Cloud Storage Zongzhi Chen (Alibaba Group)*, xinjun Yang (Alibaba Group), Feifei Li (Alibaba Group), Xuntao Cheng (Alibaba Group), Qingda Hu (Alibaba Group), Zheyu Miao (Alibaba Group), Rongbiao Xie (Alibaba group), Xiaofei Wu (Alibaba Group), Kang Wang (Alibaba Group), Zhao Song (Alibaba Group), Haiqing Sun (Alibaba Group), Zechao Zhuang (Alibaba Group), Yuming Yang (Alibaba Group), Jie Xu (Alibaba Group), Liang Yin (Alibaba Group), Wenchao Zhou (Alibaba Group), and Sheng Wang (Alibaba Group)

DyHealth: Making Neural Networks Dynamic for Effective Healthcare Analytics Kaiping Zheng (National University of Singapore), Shaofeng Cai (National University of Singapore), Horng-Ruey Chua (National University Hospital), Melanie Herschel (Universität Stuttgart), Meihui Zhang (Beijing Institute of Technology), and Beng Chin Ooi (NUS)*

Blueprint: a constraint-solving approach for document extraction Andrey Mishchenko (University Of Michigan), Dominique Danco (University of Amsterdam), Abhilash Jindal (IIT Delhi)*, and Adrian Blue (Instabase)

TencentCLS: The Cloud Log Service with High Query Performances Muzhi Yu (Peking University)*, Zhaoxiang Lin (tencent), Jinan Sun (Peking University), ZHOU RUNYUN (Tencent Cloud Computing), Jiang Guoqiang (tencent), hua huang (tencent), and Shikun Zhang (Peking University)

Ganos: A Multidimensional, Dynamic, and Scene-Oriented Cloud-Native Spatial Database Engine Jiong Xie (Alibaba Group), Zhen chenz (Alibaba Corp.), jianwei liu (alibaba), Eric Wong (Alibaba), Feifei Li (Alibaba Group), Zhida Chen (Alibaba Group)*, Yinpei Liu (Alibaba Group), Songlu Cai (Alibaba Group), zhenhua fan (Alibaba-inc), Fei Xiao (Alibaba Group), and Yue Chen (Alibaba group)

Magma: A high data density storage engine used in Couchbase Sarath Lakshman (Couchbase)*, Apaar Gupta (Couchbase Inc.), Rohan Suri (Couchbase), Scott D Lashley (Couchbase), John Liang (Couchbase Inc), and Srinath Duvuru (Couchbase)

Doppler: Automated SKU Recommendation in Migrating SQL Workloads to the Cloud Joyce Cahoon (Microsoft), Wenjing Wang (microsoft), Yiwen Zhu (Microsoft)*, Katherine Lin (Microsoft), Sean Liu (Microsoft), Raymond Truong (Microsoft), Neetu Singh (Microsoft), Chengcheng Wan (University of Chicago), Alexandra M Ciortea (Microsoft), Sreraman Narasimhan (Microsoft), and Subru Krishnan (Microsoft)

Meta's Next-generation Realtime Monitoring and Analytics Platform Stavros Harizopoulos (Meta)*, Taylor Hopper (Meta), Morton Mo (Meta), Shyam Sundar Chandrasekaran (Meta), Tongguang Chen (Meta), Yan Cui (Meta), Nandini Ganesh (Meta), Gary Helmling (Meta), Hieu Pham (Meta), and Sebastian Wong (Meta)

SQLite: Past, Present, and Future Kevin P Gaffney (University of Wisconsin-Madison)*, Martin Prammer (University of Wisconsin - Madison), Laurence C Brasfield (SQLite devs), Richard Hipp (SQLite.org), Dan R Kennedy (Sqlite), and Jignesh Patel (UW - Madison)

Manu: A Cloud Native Vector Database Management System Rentong Guo (Zilliz), Xiaofan Luan (Zilliz), Long Xiang (Southern University of Science and Technology), Xiao Yan (Southern University of Science and Technology), Xiaomeng Yi (Zilliz), Jigao Luo (Zilliz), Qianya Cheng (Zilliz), Weizhi Xu (Zilliz), Jiarui Luo (Southern University of Science and Technology), Frank Liu (Zilliz), Zhenshan Cao (Zilliz), Yanliang Qiao (Zilliz), Ting Wang (zilliz), Bo Tang (Southern University of Science and Technology)*, Charles Xie (Zilliz)