VLDB 2022: Information for Tutorial Presenters

There are two types of tutorials: in-person/hybrid or online-only.

In-Person Presenter (in-person/hybrid tutorials)

The tutorial room C3.2 has a lectern with a microphone for the speakers and VLDB 2022 will provide a dedicated presentation laptop onto which each presentation will be uploaded. This presentation laptop runs Windows and supports Powerpoint, but do not use PDF slides.
Please name your presentation slides by your tutorial number (Tutorial#.pptx), and upload this by latest 3 September to: https://bit.ly/VLDB2022

If you need update your slides on-site, you can do so up-to 2 hours before the session in the "speaker preparation room".

Remote Presenter (online/hybrid tutorials)

Remote tutorial presenters who attend VLDB 2022 online will be send a link to their Zoom session. Please be aware of the timezone differences. All session are shown in the program in Sydney local time. It is the responsibility of the presenter to be online in their assigned session at the scheduled time.

Feel free to use one of the provided VLDB 2022 Zoom backgrounds for your presentation.

Upload of Presentation Slides

In order to make the presentation available on the presenter laptop and the online platform, please prepare a PowerPoint slide deck, and upload your presentation slides by latest 3 September to: https://bit.ly/VLDB2022
Please name your PPT file as follows: Tutorial#_Part#.pptx (assuming you have moer than one part).

If you have questions, please contact our digital artefact chair, André van Renssen (andre.vanrenssen <AT> sydney.edu.au).

Pre-recorded Video (optional)

In case of technical problems or an absent presenter, we can play a pre-recorded video of your tutorial. A series of short videos is recommended, and pre-recorded videos should a an HD or 720p MP4 video. Feel free to use one of the provided VLDB 2022 Zoom backgrounds for the speaker view of your pre-recording.

Further details can be found on our instructions for video preparation.

If you would like to provide a pre-recording (this is optional):

Network access for in-person tutorial presenters

For the dedicated presentation laptop, a 20 Mbps WiFi connection is available.